Welcome message from the Principal:

We are a Christian school, based on biblical principles, also welcoming students from other faith backgrounds.
The school’s vision is to provide education for boys and girls in Kenya and neighbouring countries, some of whom cannot afford to pay school fees.

The school is registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, and follows the Kenyan secondary education curriculum.

The school’s motto is “Strive for excellence, in God we trust”. We aim to provide quality education in a well-disciplined, safe and supporting environment. The staff are highly committed, and we aim to treat students as individuals and mentor them to make the greatest possible progress. We motivate our students to think, communicate clearly and objectively, and to develop life skills through various extracurricular activities.
Our educational programmes prepare students for college/university or vocational training.
The school is part funded through student’s fees and part funded through voluntary donations.

Enjoy investigating our website, and feel free to comment/ask questions using the Contact page.

God bless you,

Jack Oyieko

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